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UL Listed Type 7 Class I Div 1 VFD

  1. UL Tested and Listed for 40°, 50° or 55°c
  2. 1-10 HP, 480 Volts
  3. Passively Cooled, Compact Design
  4. Fast Delivery
  5. Optional Output Reactor & SPD
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  1. Highest quality components
  2. Indoor or outdoor configurations
  3. 1 to 75 HP @ 480v
  4. 3% input reactor
  5. All control voltages, pilot lights and control

Dura Drive: built tough, built to last

Our Dura-Drive range of VFD's are designed to be market leader in reliability and functionality. Our patent pending cooling design addresses the overheating issues common in VFDs and reduces heat related premature VFD failure. Our Dura-Drives boast a comprehensive standard feature set plus options and are available in indoor (NEMA 1) and outdoor (NEMA 3R) enclosures.

For more information including standard features, options check out the link for each enclosure type.



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Built Tough, Built To Last

  1. Patent pending cooling design
  2. Highest quality components
  3. Indoor or outdoor configurations
  4. 1 to 75 HP @ 480v
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1-600 HP @ 480v

XP Drive - Class I Div 1

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1-10 HP @ 480v

Hazlo - Class I Div 2

NXP Drives

20-100 HP @ 480v

1-75 HP @ 480v

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SAI Drive Solutions

SAI Drive Solutions is a market leader in design, manufacturing and supply of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s). With over 30 years of experience providing power and control systems to international oil and gas companies including Exxon, Chevron, Shell, BP and Amoco we have established a reputation of excellence, reliability and quality. Building upon our success of generator power switchgear, distribution and control systems we are proud to launch a range of patented Variable Frequency Drives for standard and hazardous environments that have been tested and certified by UL for Class I Div I and Class I Div II.

Drives for all applications and rated environments


XP Drive Class I Div I

Group D, T5 temp code

We are proud to announce the completion of UL testing and certification of our first Class I Div I VFD up to 10HP.

  • UL tested and listed for 40°, 50° or 55°c
  • 1-10 HP, 480 Volts
  • Passively Cooled, Compact Design
  • Fast Delivery
  • Raycap Surge Protection (option)

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Hazlo Drive Class I Div II
Groups A, B, C & D

The HazLo Drive is a Class I, Div II variable speed drive (VSD) that requires no purged enclosure, nor a large, heavy cast explosion proof (NEMA 7) enclosure.

  • UL & cUL listed for Class I Div II Groups A, B, C & D temp T3C
  • 20-100HP, 480v or 575v
  • No temperature de-rating
  • Built in brake resistor for high inertia loads
  • Available in Stainless and Safety Yellow

nxp wallmount tra 214x310

NXP Drives by VACON

We stock 1-600HP rated Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s) designed for safe areas in two form factors; Stand alone and wall mount.

  • 1-600HP
  • Stand Alone or Wall Mount
  • Built in brake resistor for high inertia loads
  • Built-in brake chopper and DC-link bus connections
  • Complete range of communications and I/O options 

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NEMA 1, 3R, 4X, 12

Expanding on the built in features of the NXP drives, the SAI Dura Drives offers a revolutionary cooling design that reduces component content which inturn improves reliability.

  • Revolutionary cooling design
  • 24VDC control scheme
  • Designed for ease of use
  • include circuit breaker protection
  • Multple control devices as standard with optional extras



X-Series (NEMA 4X, IP66)

The same enclosures that can survive in the harsh industrial world makes them ideal when cleanliness is extremely important, such as the Food and Beverage industry where high pressure washings are needed on a regular basis. 

  • Ideal for food or beverage industry
  • Withstands high pressure washing 1000PSI from 6" away up to 30HP
  • 1-100HP
  • Bright backlit LED display
  • Keypad, simple operation and programming
  • Built to be mounted next to the application 


VFD Rentals

We offer a VFD rental program for drives raning from 15HP to 500HP / 480VAC and a stocking drive program for units 600HP / 480VAC. The rental units are enclosed in a square tube steel or dolly mounted to allow the units to be moved by forklift or by hand respectively.

  • Ready to rent! 15HP - 500HP 480VAC 60Hz
  • NEMA 3R enclosures
  • Disconnect HVAC unit mounted drive
  • Short and long rental terms available
  • Expedited delivery available

UL 508a Manufacturing & Service Shop

Located in Tomball, Texas our UL 508a rated facility is where we manufacture, service and stock a range of VFD Drives from 1-600HP within NEMA 1, 3, 4, 7 and 12 enclosures all with fast delivery options.

Preferred Supplier

No matter what you call them, drives, frequency converters, variable speed drives (vsd), variable frequency drives (vfds), inverters, pwm drive, adjustable speed drive (asd) at SAI Drives Solutions we understand your challenges and are here to provide product and application support.